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You can create a gallery in The Grid editor by uploading 9+ images in one post. This will create a gallery of the images in that post. You can do a redesign to change the outcome, for example, to display your images in circles, columns, etc.

Darren Cornwell does product for Uniregistry, one of the top domain registrars globally and a strategic partner of the Grid.

A couple of weeks ago the Grid posted a blog introducing the idea that your custom domain name is effectively your digital address. I want to take that idea a step further and make the point that not only is having a unique digital address essential to being successful in the era of the internet, but there is also a tremendous business opportunity available to anyone who is willing to get involved and play the digital real estate game.

There are two worlds on the internet: walled-gardens and the free internet. The world of walled gardens is uniform and follows a prescribed order, highly controlled and predictable….you get the picture. In the wild, outside of the walled-gardens, we get to make choices of how our sites look and what we get to call them. Your site is your domain - you own it: the content, branding, look-and-feel even down to who can see it. In the walled garden you rent space and look like all the other renters who live at the same address. In the wild, the address of your site is known as "your domain."

We have added some new features to help you set up your site making it easy to get your website up and running in no time.

Long gone are the days when small business owners had the time to sit down at a desktop device and drag-n-drop content into templates. Busy entrepreneurs have all the computer power needed in their pocket or purse to get the task done today. A core concept of the Grid from day one has been that anyone can create and modify their Gridsites from anywhere. The “anywhere” part is where mobile devices powered by Android and iOS come into play.

The Five Minute Website on The Grid

This quick webinar will guide you through the process of how to build and redesign your website using The Grid platform, which harnesses A.I.
Sept 29, 2016 / Jeff Woods

"Why can’t I see my site before I publish it?" is a common question our Members ask.

Sept 27, 2016 / Betty Bair

Your site on The Grid should have a purpose and an impact on your audience. Be it to entice your visitors to watch a video, stay in touch with you by signing up for updates, or buy your wares, we think the best way to do this is by using Calls-to-Action.

One important part of working with a web designer — whether AI or human — is to be able to try different designs of your site and be able to give feedback on them. With The Grid, this works by giving your friendly AI designer Molly some guidance through reviewing the designs you’ve received and rating various aspects of them.

Today we rolled out a feature that makes these redesigns smarter.

September 21, 2016 / Nick Jones

When a magician wants a website, she’ll have to create some content. So she’ll shoot some photos and videos, gather testimonials and write a little about herself and her act. To turn that content into a website, she will have to make a choice: A) Give her content (and pile of cash) to a web designer she trusts to create something custom, or B) Hire a template website so she can quickly and cheaply fill its buckets with her photos and text, then customize the generic design herself.

If you have checked the Play Store recently, you might have noticed that our new Android app is making its way to devices around the world. After getting a ton of helpful feedback from our founding members, we went back to the drawing board and came up with version 2.0, sporting a fresh and friendly look, a notification center and an all new and much simplified way for you to help our AI to redesign your website.