Sept 27, 2016 / Betty Bair

Grab Your Visitors Where It Counts: CTAs FTW

Your site on The Grid should have a purpose and an impact on your audience. Be it to entice your visitors to watch a video, stay in touch with you by signing up for updates, or buy your wares, we think the best way to do this is by using Calls-to-Action.

Our built in CTA lets you quickly create a button on your homepage that gives you the power to connect with your customers. This powerful tool isn’t hidden away in your site tools, it’s front and center on your admin dashboard, because we know how important it is to be able to interact with your site visitors, and we want to make connecting as simple as possible. You can create contact buttons and buttons to link to another page within your Gridsite, or to another website to so you can make the most of your prime real estate in your homepage header.

All you have to do is click Add Call-to-action, enter your contact info, or a link to your forms, eCommerce site, or post within your site to create a simple and impactful button right on your homepage.

You can also create posts throughout your site to interact with your visitors. We like using Typeform, Google Forms and Wufoo forms to build custom contact forms, invites, RSVPs, you name it. You can then either share the form URL or embed the form directly into your site on The Grid!

Time to clean out the Garage!

CTAs can also be used to sell your stuff! You can post your product URLs or embed the item posting code directly to your Gridsite to create a shop using point of sale tools like Shopify, eBay, Amazon, Etsy, or any other website or app that helps you sell your products.

Comments Welcomed

You can also let your site visitors be heard by posting a Facebook comment box, or any other comment box to any post by posting the comment box HTML to your posts. There are countless tools out there that can be used to customize your Gridsite. Explore, experiment, and enjoy the possibilities to customize how you connect with your viewers.