Importance of Multi-Sites

More To Love: One Site Just Isn’t Enough

The web is changing. Bot search is making it much easier to be found, especially if your website is specific with clear purpose (check out last week’s blog). This means that multi-sites, landing pages, and smaller more, nimble websites will rank higher on Google search and are much more responsive on mobile devices.

Historically, building websites has always been time consuming and expensive. Most people only have the time or resources to make one, simple website for their business or personal passion, if that, and it’s always been a major undertaking that no one looks forward to. All the decision making, coordinating resources and updating the site, and then getting feedback and opinions from all your’s something no one has time for.

Allow your visitors to choose their own adventure.

Having more than one website on The Grid gives you the chance to break up your content by purpose. Multi-sites are key to making your website easy to digest and give you more ground for visitors to land on when searching the web, giving your business more avenues to be found. Helping your visitors choose their own adventure on your site by clicking away to your landing pages or nav to your content on a subdomain, where purpose it clear and content is grouped, will help you to concentrate your content so that your visitor isn’t bombarded by content-- they help you to guide your customers to your intended goal.

Specific, single purpose sites are important and useful for things like events (wedding, seminar, conference, etc), for the products you’re selling (eCommerce), as well as supporting roles to your main homepage (about pages and blogs). You can also separate your interests, passions and professional pursuits into different websites, which again improves webpage rankings, and link them as subdomains to your main site.

Purpose is key when creating your web presence.

Instead of putting all your content on one huge, meandering page where content gets lost and visitors get bored, organizing your purposes by site and create subdomains to your main page. Got a portfolio? A service you offer? A blog? An event registration page? A shopping cart? A photo gallery? A project? Make a site for it. The Grid will style it beautifully and you can link it to your main homepage through Nav. Your content will be grouped and your visitors won’t get content overload. It’s also easier to update your sites when your content is arranged by purpose. It’s good for your visitors and it’s good for your business. Who doesn’t need a little more organization in their life.