Own your digital address on the internet.

There are two worlds on the internet: walled-gardens and the free internet. The world of walled gardens is uniform and follows a prescribed order, highly controlled and predictable….you get the picture. In the wild, outside of the walled-gardens, we get to make choices of how our sites look and what we get to call them. Your site is your domain - you own it: the content, branding, look-and-feel even down to who can see it. In the walled garden you rent space and look like all the other renters who live at the same address. In the wild, the address of your site is known as "your domain."

Each of us has choices around the domain names for our sites. With the Grid, you can name your site and, as a default, it is prefaced with the Grid’s domain name as thegrid.ai/your-site-name. As an option, now it’s super easy to secure your personal domain name. Gone are the days you need to think about a name ending with dot.com. You can still do this, however, there are so many different new top level domains (TLDs) available to choose from. How about .lol, .click, .mom, .christmas, .photo or even .sexy? It’s really fun to scan the thousands of possibilities to find those that capture the mood and purpose of your sites. Through our partner at Uniregistry you can find endless numbers of free and discounted names from their TLDs when you sign into the Uniregistry site from the Grid.

Your personalized domain name ensures you make it easy for people to find you. By registering your address with a reputable outfit like Uniregistry, you can rest assured that you will own your digital address on the internet and not let somebody else take away this valuable asset from you or your business. Watch out for a guest blog from Darren Cornwell, product dude at Uniregistry in a couple of weeks.