Jeff Woods

Power of Mobile.

The Grid opens the door to harnessing the power of mobile to make a website from anywhere.

Most of us use our mobile devices to read, watch and post on the web and social media. Yet, when it comes to creating and updating our own websites, we have to use a desktop browser. In fact, almost everything related to the web today is driven from mobile devices except for creating or updating websites.

How does this make sense?

Frankly, it just doesn't. Today, if creating a website or updating a web page requires sitting at a desk, you blew it.

Now, imagine the possibilities for a small business owner who can use smartphones or tablets to create new websites on the fly. Imagine updating that site with new products, customer testimonials, special offers, or breaking news from anywhere, at any time. Imagine never uttering the phrase, “wait until I get back to the office,” to proving customers and prospects the latest and greatest information.

That's the power of mobile. And without it, website software isn't ready for the real world.

But take this a step further. Think about the millions upon millions of small businesses that don’t even have desktop computers? With the power of mobile web creation, they can finally participate and take control of their presence on the internet.

The speed and ubiquity of mobile brings the true promise of the internet to life for small businesses. Don't leave home without it.

As a matter of fact how about the idea of building a website with your mobile device on your next commute? Or even better building a website while on an airplane? Up until now it was not possible. The Grid is your mobile website builder

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