Setting Up Your Site on the Grid

We have added some new features to help you set up your site making it easy to get your website up and running in no time.

Name, Title, and Description

The first thing you will want to do is give your site a title and description. Giving your corner of the internet personalization whether it is for personal or business.

To change the Name, Title, or Description of your site, follow these steps:

1. Click the name, title, or description of your site on the main admin dashboard.

2. Enter in what you'd like the name of your site to be.

3. Click Continue or press Enter to save.

After you given your site a title you will want to upload a logo. To do that click the gear icon in the top left of your Admin Dash, your site settings will open. No matter what settings you change here, make sure you Submit them down below before exiting the menu.

Here, you'll see access to the options of your account.


  • Site name
  • Upload and delete Favicon
  • Upload and delete Logo
  • Switch on Adult Content (this will make it so your site won't show up when parental controls are on)
  • Sync to GitHub (this will opt you in to backing up your site on a GitHub repo)

Upload a Logo

To add a logo to your site on the webapp, click the gear icon.
Upload Logo and click submit. The format of your logo can be PNG, JPG, or GIF.Make sure you change your finder to "All Files" if files are grayed out.

So, take advantage of the holiday season when family and friends are all together by building a website. Share family recipes, show off images and share your family traditions. If you didn't have time to send out Holiday cards this year, use your site to share your holiday wishes.

Today you can create a website with ease and for multiple purposes. The possibilities are up to you, so go out and get creative. Be sure to show us what you create this holiday season as we would love to share it with the Grid community.

If you have other question be sure to visit our Support Website.