Smart business on your smartphone

Long gone are the days when small business owners had the time to sit down at a desktop device and drag-n-drop content into templates. Busy entrepreneurs have all the computer power needed in their pocket or purse to get the task done today. A core concept of the Grid from day one has been that anyone can create and modify their Gridsites from anywhere. The “anywhere” part is where mobile devices powered by Android and iOS come into play.

Now it is a matter of figuring out who to connect with, (existing customers, prospects, channel partners or suppliers) and deciding what you want them to do with the your content. Calls to action or CTAs on your sites are the critical links between the visitors of your sites and achieving your business goals.

Today you can use your mobile device to create your presence on the internet by building and modifying Gridsites. We’ve launched the Call to Action feature for Android! You can also add CTAs and invite anyone to collaborate on creating and updating your site(s) from your smartphones (all features are available on Android now. iOS in January 2017.)