Sept 29, 2016 / Jeff Woods

The Wizard of Gridsites: Molly your new AI BFF

"Why can’t I see my site before I publish it?" is a common question our Members ask.

Here’s what’s going on and how The Grid is different than traditional DIY website builders. The Grid uses Artificial Intelligence to design websites through a process of content analysis such as face detection, negative space, colors, & sentiment. From there it goes to our AI designer Molly, our wizard behind the curtain who, like magic, builds a site and waits for your feedback. This process takes minutes (usually less than 3) and even seconds as she learns what you like.

Using AI to design websites eliminates the need for reviewing sites.

Think of it like this, when you use a human designer, they introduce this step of previewing the site before publishing as the process of changing the site after it’s published can be challenging, time-consuming and seriously expensive. The whole point of publishing without previewing with The Grid is to start the dialog with Molly, who then takes your feedback and creates new sites for you in seconds. You can then redesign and republish your sites whenever you want.

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.- Winston Churchill

With The Grid we encourage you to frequently add new content to your sites to keep them fresh and relevant. You can also trigger a redesign anytime you want, it’s so easy and fast to make it happen. This is a different way of thinking compared to the legacy way of creating websites. Remember--having an AI designer in your computer 24 hours a day is also a more economical way to have various layout designs. An advantage of The Grid is that you could have a different website everyday by just adding new content or doing a quick redesign to change your color palette or typography. How cool is that?